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Edwards & Bullard Law

Lisa M. Edwards
H. David Bullard

Ms. Edwards and Mr. Bullard represent injured victims and their families for wrongful death, car wrecks, slip and falls, and injuries on the job. They have a combined 29 years of experience working for insurance companies and they know how to deal with them.

Personal Injury attorney covering Macon and Dublin, GA

If you've been involved in an auto accident, had a trip or fall during a shopping trip or been the victim of someone else's negligence in some other way, it's always wise investigate your options and seek compensation. Every day a large number of Americans are left with significant injuries and lasting ill-effects due to accidents which were due to somebody not taking adequate precautions to ensure a safe environment. Don't suffer in silence! We are a well-established legal practice that specialises in obtaining compensation where negligence has been a factor in accident causation.

Workers' Compensation

Despite recent significant advances in workplace legislation, many workers continue to sustain unnecessary injuries due to negligent working practices. Injuries may be psychological as well as physical, so if you've been the victim of a workplace accident, we can help you win the compensation you deserve. We understand how difficult it can be to stand up to an unscrupulous employer and will provide the legal expertise needed to achieve a successful outcome.

Premises Liability and Nursing Home Negligence

If an appliance fails or a gadget malfunctions, causing injury, it's helpful to know that you can still pursue a compensation claim. Our legal team also has expertise in nursing home negligence or abuse. We prepare all our cases meticulously and will always aim to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for our clients.

Whistleblower Cases

Do you work for an organization that is defrauding the government somehow? Is your employer overbilling the government? Is the employer billing the government for services or goods not provided? We have handled these cases, and can help you file and pursue a claim on behalf of the government against the employer. If the employer wrongfully retaliates against you by firing you or other action, you will have a claim for that, also. The whistleblower (you) can recover from 15% to 30% of the government’s recovery, depending on the situation. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation.

Legal help in Macon and Dublin, GA

Even if you're not sure that you've got a case, it's always worth getting in touch with us to discuss your circumstances. Why not call us now to arrange a consultation and find out what your options may be at (478) 621-4313?